No1 Currency Compares the Cost of the Most Popular Global Festivals

California’s Coachella is the world’s most expensive music festival, while Exit in Serbia is the best place to go for a low-cost party, according to a comparison of costs at the world’s biggest festivals

With the festival season is approaching, those still deciding where to party this summer may want to consider the dramatic difference in cost between the world’s top music events.

The data was collated by travel money site No.1 Currency , which compared the cost of the most popular festivals across the globe, factoring in tickets, accommodation, food and drinks in order to assess the daily and total costs of a trip.

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FEXCO’s Nordic expansion continues with DCC for eCommerce

Wednesday, March 25th 2015 - FEXCO, the leading independent global provider of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), is continuing its expansion in the Nordics with today’s launch of its DCC service for eCommerce in the region.

Through FEXCO’s partnership with Euroline and Paynova, Nordic merchants will now have the ability to offer their international customers the option of paying in their home currency when making a purchase on a Nordic website, giving them full knowledge of exactly how much they are paying in their own currency.

The rollout of DCC for eCommerce is the next step in FEXCO’s strategy to bring DCC to merchants across the Nordics, with particular focus on cross-border online shopping in Norway, Finland and Denmark.

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Foreign Currency – A Hidden Gem For Your Jewellery Business


As an independent jeweller, you’ll no doubt be on the lookout for new ways to grow your business and revenue without necessarily expanding the size of your store. The obvious and most common way of doing this is to diversify your product range.

If you’ve already been diversifying your range there are other, less obvious, services that jewellers can be offering. One of these is selling foreign currency. This may come as a surprise but No.1 Currency offers a unique foreign currency model to third party businesses. No.1 Currency provides companies – regardless of their size – with an excellent opportunity to develop a new stream of revenue, and bolster sales through cross-selling opportunities.

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THE RACE IS ON, FEXCO-sponsored Sam and James will have 36 hours to reach location X this Saturday

FEXCO, Ireland’s largest independent multinational financial services provider, has today announced its sponsorship of Sam McMahon and James Orr, who are taking part in Jailbreak 15.


Kicking off from Collins Barracks in Dublin this Saturday teams of two will race to an anonymous location anywhere in the world without using a cent of their own money.  Last years’ Jailbreak raised over €40,000 for the chosen charities. The teams are permitted to have a corporate sponsor and FEXCO is proud to take part and help team ‘JAM’ on their journey to this mysterious location.

FEXCO’s Marketing Director, Shane Kavanagh, said of today’s announcement: ‘We are delighted to support Sam and James on this exciting journey, where they will encounter some incredible life experiences and learn new skills on their way. Jailbreak is an excellent initiative and encourages students to think outside of their lectures and study groups and use their initiative to beg, borrow or blag their way to location X. We wish them the best of luck on this journey’.

FEXCO is supporting Sam and James throughout the weekend as they undertake the adventure of a lifetime to reach location X. Due to their creative and unique video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPbOPk6V7ms) Sam and James have managed to earn themselves a 10 minute head start before the rest of the competitors find out location X.

Each team has to take part in symbolic challenges which will incorporate the awareness of well-respected charities:

  • Challenge one – The Blind Fold Challenge, which involves each team taking a picture of a statue wearing a blind fold and sending the photo to Jailbreak HQ to promote the STOP TORTURE Charity.
  • Challenge two – each team will be asked to make a paper boat and float it on water, be it a river, lake or fountain and send the image to Jailbreak HQ to raise awareness for SOS Europe.
  • Challenge three – team members must take part in a good deed while on their travels and photograph it to raise awareness of the Pay it Forward campaign.
  • Challenge four – the Jailbreak teams must educate or pass on a skill to someone outside of Ireland while on their travels to raise awareness of the Educate Another charity.

Jailbreak is an opportunity to make people across Europe aware of charities which need to be advertised and promoted as much as possible. This weekend will be one to remember for all participants and we encourage all those aware of the event to take part by making a donation and keeping up to date on the progress of not only Sam and James but all of those involved in the event as there will be regular updates posted on Twitter and Facebook of the contestants progress throughout the 36 hour period.

Sam and James are both 2nd year students in Trinity College Dublin. James is the VDP Activity Leader of the Kids’ Literacy Programme and Sam is the VDP Activity Leader of the Soup Run and also a part of the VDP Fundraising committee which shows they have a serious passion for helping others.

FEXCO, the leading independent global provider of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), has today announced the launch of its DCC service in the 5 Star Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

Grand Hotel photo

Through FEXCO’s partnership with Euroline and Payzone, the Grand Hôtel, as well as other Euroline merchants, will now have the ability to offer their international customers the option of paying in their home currency during their visit to Sweden, giving them full visibility of the exchange rate and the knowledge of exactly how much their visit is costing them.

FEXCO was chosen as the Grand Hôtel’s currency conversion partner based on FEXCO’s proven DCC experience globally.

Peter Wallenberg Jr of the Grand Hôtel said of today’s launch: ‘’It is important for the Grand Hôtel to offer our international customers the option to pay in their home currency while staying with us. This extended service gives our guests an even better experience and more transparency of cost. The choice of FEXCO as our DCC partner was easy due to their strong track record in delivering DCC to multinational brands globally”.

The rollout of DCC at the 5 star Grand Hôtel is the first part of a Nordic-wide plan to offer DCC to Euroline merchants across the region, with particular focus on offering this service to business travellers and tourists from the USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Denis Cleary, Managing Director of FEXCO’s DCC division said: “We are delighted to launch our DCC service in Sweden with such a renowned customer as the Grand Hôtel. FEXCO was the first provider to develop and launch DCC in 1996 and has been very successful in rolling out this service to acquirers and merchants across the world. We now operate in 28 countries and have over 85,000 merchants using our service. We look forward to bringing the full depth of our experience and expertise to the Nordics as we work closely with Euroline and Payzone in expanding our DCC service across the region”.

Johanna Waara, Head of Nordics for FEXCO DCC, continued: ‘‘The Nordics is a complex region due to the diversity of payment systems and currencies. However, with FEXCO’s expertise across multiple industries, we believe that there is a great opportunity for the expansion of FEXCO’s services in this region.  This journey would not have been possible without the strong cooperation and support from our partners in Euroline and Payzone. The FEXCO team has also worked closely with Enterprise Ireland which has provided vital assistance in helping us set up in the region. I believe that, together, we will deliver a world-class service to the Nordics region”.

”Euroline always aims to improve our services to our customers and their customers – the cardholders. Through FEXCO’s world-leading DCC solution we are proud to offer our distinguished customer, the Grand Hôtel, a solution that further improves their guest’s payment experience,” said Ulf Andrén, Head of Sales for Euroline.

Mr John Roche, Enterprise Ireland Manager Nordics, commented: “Enterprise Ireland is delighted to see one of Ireland’s most successful financial services companies announce this agreement with Sweden’s prestigious Grand Hotel. FEXCO has put a highly professional team into Stockholm and Nordic customers can rest assured that they will receive strong support and an efficient and reliable service. FEXCO has the full support of Enterprise Ireland and we look forward to seeing the company grow its customer base throughout the Nordic region in the years ahead”.

GTOC partners with foreign currency specialists FEXCO and No.1 Currency

Tuesday January 13th, Dublin – Ireland: GTOC, the consortium of five established UK Golf Tour Operators and Europe’s Largest Independent Golf Travel Group, is delighted to announce a new partnership agreement with FEXCO, a leading provider of commercial foreign exchange services, and it’s retail operation No.1 Currency.  FEXCO and No.1 Currency will be the official providers of foreign currency services to GTOC.

Speaking about today’s announcement, FEXCO’s MD of Foreign Exchange Services, Joe Redmond, said; “Today’s announcement represents an important partnership for FEXCO and GTOC. As a leading provider of Foreign Exchange Services, FEXCO can provide the GTOC Tour Operators with specialist commercial foreign exchange services, such as spot and forward options, to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money when dealing with FX risk management and cross border payment arrangements.

“For all GTOC clients requiring travel money for their golf holidays, this partnership with No.1 Currency will ensure they get the widest range of currencies with no commission charged, and, with our innovative new Click & Collect and Click & Sell services, it couldn’t be easier for golfers to order their currency online and collect it from any No.1 Currency outlet, or at any of our 160 affiliates located across the UK.”

Paul Cowgill, Chairman of GTOC Ltd, commented; “We are extremely pleased to confirm FEXCO and No.1 Currency as our official Foreign Exchange Services Partners. Purchasing foreign currency is an important element to any golf holiday abroad and with FEXCO now on board this will ensure all GTOC Tour Operator clients receive the very best currency rates possible and fantastic customer service. It’s superb news that our golf travellers can now order their travel money online via any of our GTOC members and then collect it at numerous stores across the UK.” 

FEXCO has been operating as the primary specialist provider of Commercial Foreign Exchange services to SMEs, mid corporates, large corporates and government bodies for nearly twenty years. Its No.1 Currency retail operation is a leading provider of foreign currency in the UK and is currently undergoing a major expansion which will result in 40 stores located nationwide.


Irish tourists have more than €110 million in foreign currency stashed in their homes

Survey by travel money specialists No.1 Currency shows 87% of Irish adults have one or more types of currency sitting at home

Monday, November 24th 2014 – Dublin, Ireland: Irish people who have travelled outside of the Eurozone over the last 12 months returned home with almost €100 each in foreign currency, which, according to a survey by travel money specialists No.1 Currency, means that there is more than €110 million in foreign currency lying idle in households around the country.

The majority (87%) of Irish adults surveyed admitted to having one or more types of foreign currency sitting at home, with almost half (45%) intending to hold on to it until their next travels, and only one in five admitting to changing it back to euro as soon as they arrived home.

The survey also showed that of those who travelled outside of the Eurozone, the UK is the most popular destination (44%) followed very closely by the US at 42%. Australia and Canada follow at 9% and 8% respectively, with a further 7% visiting Asia.

Speaking about today’s findings, Head of Retail for No.1 Currency in Ireland and the UK, Simon Phillips, said; “After every trip abroad, most of us end up with a few STG£10 notes or $US in the bottom of our bags or at the back of our wallets. However, with more and more people traveling outside of the Eurozone to the US, UK, Canada and Australia, all of this currency adds up to a whopping €110 million in people’s homes across the country.

“While many people prefer to hold on to their leftover currency to use on another trip, it can all add up and, if exchanged back to euro, could make the difference of an extra €100 towards the Christmas present list over the next couple of weeks.

“At No.1 Currency, we recently launched a new service called Click and Sell, an extension of our very successful Click and Collect service*, where people returning from holidays can simply log on to www.no1currency.ie, select the currency and amount you want to sell, and bring their foreign currency to a No.1 Currency store to exchange their currency for euro at fantastic rates and commission free.”


* Click and Collect by No.1 Currency allows customers to simply order their foreign currency online and collect it in their nearest No.1 Currency store or participating Credit Union under the FEXCO Currency brand. There is no upfront payment required, 0% commission for online orders and you can lock in your exchange rate on the day you order the currency.

No.1 Currency is part of FEXCO, Ireland’s most successful multinational finance and business solutions provider, with operations in 28 countries worldwide.

FEXCO is Ireland’s most successful multinational financial and business solutions provider, with operations in 28 countries worldwide. Founded and headquartered in Ireland in 1981, FEXCO employs more than 2,000 people across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, Latin America and Australasia.

FEXCO serves some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries through a wide range of innovative products and services, including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi Currency Pricing (MCP), Mobile Payments, Commercial and Retail FX, Managed Business Solutions and Tax Free Retail Services.

For thirty three years, FEXCO has been driven by an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. This ethos has brought the company to new regions and industries of growth, connecting customers with exciting new opportunities. Through its commitment to integrity and innovation, the company has built an international network of partners and customers.


2014 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games

The 2014 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games took place on the 11th & 12th of October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and featured 48 teams from 15 clubs across 11 countries in Asia.

The 2014 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games, now in its 19th year, saw more than 500 players from Ireland, in addition to various other nationalities, compete in over 180 games for Senior, Intermediate and Junior Cups in men’s and ladies’ football, hurling and camogie, as well as underage games.

The following videos cover the event from the opening ceremony through to the final day of the games.

Opening Ceremony: The opening ceremony of the FEXCO 2014 Asian Gaelic Games at the Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


 Day 1: Review of day one of the 2014 FEXCO Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hear from players taking part in the tournament at the opening day of competition.


Day 2: Review of the final day of the 2014 FEXCO Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




GAA and FEXCO bring the 19th Asian Gaelic Games to Kuala Lumpur

Irish multinational supporting Irish diaspora abroad

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and FEXCO, Ireland’s most successful multinational financial services provider, have once again joined forces to support the 2014 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games, which will take place on October 11th and 12th in Kuala Lumpur.

Featuring 65 teams from 26 clubs across 18 countries in Asia, the FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games sees more than 800 Irish and Asian GAA players, including Donegal All Ireland footballer Ryan Bradley who plays for Qatar, come together to battle it out in over 180 games for Senior, Intermediate and Junior Cups in men’s and women’s football, hurling and camogie. The Games kick off at 8am on Saturday, October 11th, and run until 6pm on Sunday, October 12th.

Speaking about the 2014 FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games, Joe Trolan, Chairperson of the Asian County Board (ACB), said: “The FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games have grown from strength-to-strength over the last 19 years, and, with the continued support from FEXCO, the Games have evolved to include more than 800 participants from 18 countries in Asia. We are delighted to once again have FEXCO on board this year as we welcome two new clubs from Indonesia and Myanmar and are truly looking forward to an exciting weekend of Gaelic games.”

Managing Director of FEXCO’s Dynamic Currency Conversion division, Denis Cleary, said: “FEXCO is proud to sponsor the FEXCO Asian Gaelic Games again this year. This annual gathering of GAA players from right across Asia and the Middle East continues to grow rapidly each year, as more and more Irish expats, as well as many other nationalities, join this truly international community linked through the GAA sporting culture.  The AsianCounty Board has done tremendous work over the last number of years in bringing together our Irish diaspora community through our native sport which gives the Irish abroad a familiar sense of community in their home away from home.

“FEXCO, with operations in 28 countries worldwide including China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and across the Middle East, is proud to support the Asian County Board in what is sure to be another exciting weekend of football.”

GAA President Liam Ó Néill said “The Asian Gaelic Games is a true reflection of the work and commitment of the Asian County Board and the participating players.  I would like to extend best wishes to all those involved in the 2014 Asian Gaelic Games and to thank FEXCO for their continued support.  I look forward to attending the games this year and meeting the Irish diaspora during this great occasion in Kuala Lumpur.”


No.1 Currency opens new foreign currency store in Stevenage

Thursday, August 7th 2014: No.1 Currency, a leading provider of travel money in the UK, has opened a new currency exchange store at 2b Westgate, Town Centre, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, which is the tenth new No.1 Currency store opened so far in the UK this year. A further 10 stores will be opened by the end of 2014, bringing to a total of 43 own stores and nearly 200 employees.

Commenting on the announcement, No.1 Currency’s Head of Retail, Simon Phillips, said: ‘We are currently undergoing a major expansion of our high street network and this outlet in Stevenage is the tenth of 20 new stores which will be opened across the UK in 2014’.

“No.1 Currency offers the widest range of currencies with no commission charged, and, with Click & Collect, it couldn’t be easier for customers to order their currency online and collect it from any No.1 Currency outlet, or at any of the 160 affiliates located across the UK.

“By the end of the year, we will be operating from over 200 locations across the country. The growth and performance of No.1 Currency over the last two years has been very impressive and we are committed to building on this success and establishing ourselves as No.1 for convenience, price and service.”


About No.1 Currency
No.1 Currency is a member of FEXCO, Ireland’s most successful multinational finance and business solutions provider, with operations in 28 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Edinburgh, No.1 Currency was founded in 1996 and is one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent foreign currency specialists.

No.1 Currency also provides safe and secure worldwide money transfers for individuals and corporate clients.  This is a bank-to-bank service which offers a range of products that covers all currency needs, from immediate spot price contracts to longer-term forward and time-option forward contracts.

For more information, please logon to www.no1currency.com.