Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions (PACE)

PACE (Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions) is a game-changing solution focused on helping aviation related industries measure, manage and mitigate their impact on the environment.  The PACE platform goes beyond simple tools such as calculators to revolutionise the analysis of actual data and accurately predict CO2 emissions, providing actionable insights and roadmaps as to how to reduce them. PACE works with truly future-focused clients for whom the very basic measurement of Carbon Emissions provided by existing competitors is just not accurate enough. The platform provides clarity, accuracy and automation to make CO2 emission reduction targets achievable, helping industry to help the planet.

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Declaron is a new customs clearance service designed to help businesses manage their customs needs all in one secure place.

Established in 2020, Declaron is a collaboration between the customs and tech experts of BDO and Fexco. Developed and supported by their more than 40 years of experience to provide the best solution for managing customs requirements post Brexit and beyond.

Declaron is a trusted solution by FTAI and Enterprise Ireland.

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Established over 50 years ago, Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited (PICA) Group is an Australian national property services company that remains one of the most reputable and financially stable companies in Australia.

It is a diverse group which has many interests in a wide range of businesses, its core being strata and community title management industry in which it is the market leader.

PICA Group has 29 branch offices and a portfolio of 200,000 lots across 10,500 strata schemes across property types that include residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed use.

The PICA Group and its companies are jointly owned by Fexco and Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd.

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Fexco Aviation Services

Fexco Aviation Services is the only fully Irish owned and managed provider of complex financial services to the aviation finance industry.

The team has extensive experience in a variety of aviation structures, from single asset owning entities to complex, multi-jurisdictional securitization structures.

Our services are tailored to meet individual needs as we partner with clients to deliver the highest quality service with a professional and personal touch.


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Fexco Pacific

Fexco Pacific is a leading provider of foreign exchange and money transfer services in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and many other countries across the Pacific with over 50 offices and 200 staff. Fexco Pacific is the largest Western Union master agent in this region processing over 1 million transactions a year. Fexco Pacific also offers a No1 Currency branded retail currency exchange service and an international Business Payments service to thousands of customers every day.

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Fexco Property Services

Fexco Property Services was founded in 2015 by the Irish multi-national company Fexco to provide nationally-focused management and professional services to the built environment. The group currently includes Crabtree PM LimitedEllis, Sloane & Co. LimitedRemus Management Limited and Bellharbour .

Fexco have been involved in block management since 1999, successfully growing the largest residential management group in Australia; Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited (PICA) who currently have 280,000 homes under their management. Established over 50 years ago. PICA is an Australian national property services company that remains one of the most reputable and financially stable companies in Australia. Fexco are now bringing this wealth of expertise and knowledge to the UK market, and together the combined experience of the group, amounts to the largest service provider in the UK.

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