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Fexco Achieves the KeepWell Mark in 2020

Fexco achieves The KeepWell Mark in 2020

19 Feb 2020
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Fexco is delighted to announce that it has successfully achieved The KeepWell Mark in 2020. The KeepWell Mark, introduced by Ibec in 2017, is an evidence based workplace wellbeing accreditation and award for companies that adopt policies to make their employees wellbeing a priority. The award is recognised as the business standard for health, safety and wellbeing in Ireland. Along with the recognition itself, Fexco now features on the national register of award holders.

The accreditation process involved benchmarking Fexco’s current practices against recognised standards in Ireland. This was assessed under eight categories with the assistance of staff focus groups, as follows:

  1. Leadership – The organisation uses its policies and practices to create a working environment that is conductive to health.
  2. Absence management – Information is used to help managers reduce sickness absence, and support attendance.
  3. Health and Safety – The organisation monitors and improves health and Safety.
  4. Mental Health – The organisation protects and promotes the mental wellbeing and its staff, including appropriate policies, management, training, and support mechanisms.
  5. Smoke Free – The organisation encourages a reduction in smoking among employees.
  6. Physical Activity – The organisation actively promotes the importance and benefits of regular physical activity and creates opportunities for employees to get more active.
  7. Healthy Eating – The organisation actively encourages and enables staff to eat healthily and make better food choices.
  8. Intoxicants – The organisation responds to problematic use for intoxicants and has support systems in place for those in need of help and advice.

Fexco has always put employee wellbeing at the heart of its operations, believing that wellness both inside and outside of the office can enhance the potential of its people and its future potential.

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