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Shane McElroy Head of Global ATM Strategy at Fexco DCC and Irene Bruner CFO & Executive Director of DAI Group announce the partnership

Fexco Announces Strategic DCC Partnership with DAI Brasil ATM

24 Jul 2023
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As a global leader in financial technology and innovative payment and currency exchange solutions, our strategic partnership with DAI Brasil ATM, a prominent player in the Computer Systems Design and Related Services industry in Brazil is a significant milestone.

This partnership will pave the way for the rollout of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) services to more than 300 ATMs across Brazil.

The collaboration between Fexco and DAI Brasil ATM will enhance the ATM experience for both local residents and international visitors. Leveraging our expertise in DCC technology, this partnership will bring added convenience and transparency to customers by allowing them to perform currency conversions at the point of withdrawal. The service will be available at strategic locations across Brazil, including airports, ports, hotels, and shopping malls, making it particularly advantageous for tourists.

Alberto Alzueta, Director General of DAI Brasil ATM, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Fexco to introduce dynamic currency conversion services to our extensive network of ATMs in Brazil. This collaboration enables us to provide a valuable service to both Brazilian customers and international visitors, allowing them to conveniently convert currencies at the ATM itself. We believe that this partnership will greatly enhance the overall ATM experience and contribute to the growth of the tourism sector in Brazil.”

Cesar Kamiya, Head of Latin America & Caribbean at Fexco, commented, “This strategic partnership with DAI Brasil ATM represents a major step forward in expanding our presence in the Latin American market. Brazil, with its vibrant economy and thriving tourism industry, presents a great opportunity for us to introduce our innovative DCC solution to a wide audience. We look forward to working closely with DAI Brasil ATM to deliver seamless and transparent currency conversion services that cater to the diverse needs of both Brazilian residents and international travellers.”

Juan de la Miyar, Head of ATM Business Development for LATAM at Fexco, added, “As we expand into Brazil, we are excited to showcase the benefits of dynamic currency conversion to the Brazilian market. By offering localized currency conversion at the ATM, we aim to simplify the process for tourists and create a frictionless experience for them during their stay in Brazil. Our partnership with DAI Brasil ATM is just the beginning, and we are eager to explore further opportunities to expand our services across other countries in Latin America.”


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