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Fexco recognised as one of the best large workplaces

28 Feb 2019
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Fexco is delighted to announce that the company has been officially recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in 2019 at the 17th annual Great Place to Work awards – hosted in the Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road, last night [Wednesday, 27th February 2019] in Dublin.

Assessed through Great Place to Work’s robust ‘Trust Index©’ employee survey and a thorough ‘Culture Audit©’ assessment of their policies and practices, Fexco was recognised as one of the Best Large Workplace in Ireland 2019.

Speaking about the award, Denis McCarthy CEO of Fexco Group commented:

‘I am delighted that Fexco has been recognised as a Great Place to Work and in what is considered the most competitive category, Best Large Workplace. This is a significant, much sought after and very well-deserved accolade, one that I am particularly proud of.

‘I want to extend sincere thanks to Group HR, those involved in the Working Groups, the Steering Groups and most importantly to the 80%+ of our employees who completed the Employee Engagement Survey. It is you our people that make this such a unique and special place to work. You are what makes Fexco, Fexco.’

John Ryan, CEO of Great Place to Work® Ireland said:

‘With a record high of more than 2.28 million now employed in Ireland, and unemployment at 5.7%, we’re on the cusp of the oft-cited ‘full employment’. That might serve to explain why this year, the number of employees assessed by Great Place to Work in Ireland has more than doubled. They’ve given us a clear sense of their workplace experience and the workplace practices that Irish organisations of every size are putting in place to drive that experience.

‘Securing a place on the list of Best Workplaces in Ireland is a greater achievement that ever before. These organisations have opened up to us, giving us a deep understanding of the culture that drives their performance. Even though we’re dealing with an unprecedented level of economic and political uncertainty, these Irish organisations are ready to deal with the challenges: they have built agility and plasticity into the core of their workplaces, developing the high levels of trust that are critical for adaptability.

We have witnessed great confidence and high expectations across the whole employee population: but while they’re demanding a lot from their employers, they’re giving it back through high productivity, innovation, and performance. They want to work for organisations who are socially and environmentally responsible, and are voting with their feet for those that aren’t.

They demand that management differentiate performance and reward in kind. They refuse to accept low standards of communication, recognition, and management: but they go above and beyond for those that deliver. And that’s what allows these organisations to outperform the rest.

Today’s workplace is a partnership, creating the future in tandem. It’s inclusive and has diversity at its core. It’s a really exciting place to be, and I’d like to congratulate each and every organisation that has achieved the goal of creating truly sustainable, high trust workplaces all across Ireland. We all deserve a Great Place to Work: and now we can have it!”

The full 2019 lists of organisations and award winners, as well as rankings from previous years, are available at

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