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Fexco to sponsor the Sabre Airline Solutions 2017 ATX Event

3 May 2017
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Financial technology company Fexco will sponsor the 2017 Sabre Airline Solutions Airline Technology Exchange or ATX event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taking place from 8 – 11 May 2017, the event welcomes over 600 delegates from across the globe to discuss technology, innovation and opportunities at one of the industry’s largest networking events.

The event will focus on 4 main tracks; Commercial Planning, Airline Retailing, Passenger Experience and Operations Management. Comprehensive data and analytics solutions are integrated into each track and will be made available to delegates.

The ATX event provides Fexco the opportunity to showcase its world class Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solutions to the delegates. The solutions offered by Fexco can be particularly beneficial to the industry as airlines have a large number of international customers. Through Fexco’s MCP platform, the airline can offer their fares and ancillary products in multiple currencies with the traveller selecting the currency in which to browse the website and ultimately make payment in. The solution also allows airlines to generate new and leverage existing revenue streams when the margin, normally applied by the travellers own bank and card scheme, is replaced by a guaranteed commission share fully managed by Fexco Treasury.

Again with Fexco DCC, the airline can provide the traveller with a more tailored payment experience. Through card recognition software, international cardholders are offered the choice to pay for flights and ancillary services in their home currency instead of the airline’s default currency while the airline benefits from a risk free solution.

Attending from Fexco are Peter Rice, Head of DCC, Fexco USA and Álvaro Díez Campos, Head of eCommerce Sales, Fexco.

Commenting ahead of the event, Álvaro Díez Campos said, “Fexco is delighted to sponsor and attend this event which affords us the opportunity to network with sector peers and to hear from industry thought leaders from around the world. I look forward to exploring existing and new opportunities with both Sabre and Sabre customers.

For more information please contact Álvaro Díez Campos, Head of eCommerce Sales.

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