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Fexco to open new headquarters in Singapore

15 Nov 2023
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Fexco is set to open a new regional headquarters in Singapore, aiming to take advantage of the city-state’s status as a global hub for currency and fintech.

Based in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, the fintech company already has a strong presence in the region, with offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines, focusing on money transfer, currency exchange, and payment services.

Announcing this at Singapore’s annual Fintech Festival, Fexco highlighted Singapore’s strategic importance in the fintech and currency sectors, noting the potential for significant growth in the local digital investment sector in the coming years.

John Casey, VP of Asia Pacific for Fexco Group, emphasized the importance of this move, stating:

“This is an important milestone for Fexco, as Singapore serves as a currency hub in a highly important market for our omnichannel payment, currency, and FX solutions.”

He further added,

“As markets recover post-pandemic, Singapore’s role as a dynamic strategic location and thriving payment partner ecosystem makes it an incredibly attractive location for launching our solutions in the POS, ATM, and ecommerce channels across the region.

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