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Fexco sponsored Sam and James have 36 hours to reach location X in Jailbreak 2015

6 Mar 2015
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Fexco, Ireland’s largest independent multinational financial services provider, has today announced its sponsorship of Sam McMahon and James Orr, who are taking part in Jailbreak 15.

Kicking off from Collins Barracks in Dublin this Saturday teams of two will race to an anonymous location anywhere in the world without using a cent of their own money. Last years’ Jailbreak raised over €40,000 for the chosen charities. The teams are permitted to have a corporate sponsor and Fexco is proud to take part and help team ‘JAM’ on their journey to this mysterious location.

Fexco’s Marketing Director, Shane Kavanagh, said of today’s announcement: ‘We are delighted to support Sam and James on this exciting journey, where they will encounter some incredible life experiences and learn new skills on their way. Jailbreak is an excellent initiative and encourages students to think outside of their lectures and study groups and use their initiative to beg, borrow or blag their way to location X. We wish them the best of luck on this journey’.

Fexco is supporting Sam and James throughout the weekend as they undertake the adventure of a lifetime to reach location X. Due to their creative and unique video Sam and James have managed to earn themselves a 10 minute head start before the rest of the competitors find out location X.

Each team has to take part in symbolic challenges which will incorporate the awareness of well-respected charities:

  • Challenge one – The Blind Fold Challenge, which involves each team taking a picture of a statue wearing a blind fold and sending the photo to Jailbreak HQ to promote the STOP TORTURE Charity.
  • Challenge two – each team will be asked to make a paper boat and float it on water, be it a river, lake or fountain and send the image to Jailbreak HQ to raise awareness for SOS Europe.
  • Challenge three – team members must take part in a good deed while on their travels and photograph it to raise awareness of the Pay it Forward campaign.
  • Challenge four – the Jailbreak teams must educate or pass on a skill to someone outside of Ireland while on their travels to raise awareness of the Educate Another charity.
  • Jailbreak is an opportunity to make people across Europe aware of charities which need to be advertised and promoted as much as possible. This weekend will be one to remember for all participants and we encourage all those aware of the event to take part by making a donation and keeping up to date on the progress of not only Sam and James but all of those involved in the event as there will be regular updates posted on Twitter and Facebook of the contestants progress throughout the 36 hour period.

Sam and James are both 2nd year students in Trinity College Dublin. James is the VDP Activity Leader of the Kids’ Literacy Programme and Sam is the VDP Activity Leader of the Soup Run and also a part of the VDP Fundraising committee which shows they have a serious passion for helping others.

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