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X marks the spot!

19 Feb 2016
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Fexco, Ireland’s largest independent multinational financial services provider, has today announced its sponsorship of Amaia Moore and Mairead Hughes who are taking part in Jailbreak 16.

Jailbreak sees 100 students, made up of teams of two, race to an anonymous location ‘location X’ which could be anywhere in the world – all without using a cent of their own money. To add even more intrigue, the teams are only told of a general location to head towards and the one flight that they are permitted to take can’t last any longer than 2 hours. As the race heats up, more precise details of the exact location are provided with 100 students battling to make it there first.


The teams are permitted to have a corporate sponsor and Fexco is proud to take part and support Amaia and Mairead as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. Now in its third year, the event is the largest student-run charity event in Ireland raising in excess of €115,000 for the designated charities; St. Vincent de Paul and Amnesty International during its short tenure to date.

Commenting on the announcement, Fexco’s Marketing Director, Shane Kavanagh said, ‘We are delighted to support Amaia and Mairead on this journey, one that is sure to provide fun as well as a healthy sense of competition. Jailbreak is an excellent initiative and encourages students to test their resourcefulness outside of the safety of their lecture theatres.

‘Jailbreak challenges the teams to use their initiative to beg, borrow or blag their way to location X all while highlighting the needs of important charities and raising much needed funds for them. We’re excited for Amaia and Mairead and wish them all the best as well as a safe journey.’

This weekend will be one to remember for all participants and we encourage all those aware of the event to take part by making a donation here. You can keep up to date on the progress of not only Amaia and Mairead but with all of those involved in the event as there will be regular updates posted to Twitter and Facebook over the 36 hour period.

Amaia and Mairead are both Senior Freshman students in Trinity College Dublin studying law and their commitment to Jailbreak 16 demonstrates their passion for helping others.

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