FX risk management

Personalised strategies to protect your cash flow.

Adverse currency movements can erode profits so getting the right protection in today’s volatile currency environment is crucial. Fexco understands the impact of exchange rate movements to your bottom line and can provide expert FX risk management advice and guidance to ensure your business continues to grow. 

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    FX Risk Management

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    We also know that the timing of payments is crucial, particularly in times of uncertainty in the markets. Increase your competitive advantage and protect your business from volatile exchange rates with our range of foreign exchange risk management tools.

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    Our foreign exchange risk management services

    Spot contracts

    Our most common type of foreign exchange payment, spot payments are made instantly at the prevailing exchange rate. The spot exchange rate is for delivery on the earliest value date. We can help you to buy or sell currency at the right time.

    Stop loss

    A stop loss contract guarantees a minimum rate at which a currency is exchanged to protect against adverse currency movements affecting your bottom line. This reduces your risk to losses and also offers a stable cost range for regular foreign currency payments.

    Forward contracts

    A forward contract is an agreement to make a payment at a specified date in the future, with the exchange rate fixed at the time you enter into the contract. This makes it easier for you to forecast your cash flow into the future as a forward contract eliminates the risk of exchange rate fluctuation.

    Limit orders

    A limit order can be used to set the ideal exchange rate at which to buy a particular currency, usually when current market rates are less favourable for currency buyers. Limit orders are particularly useful when payment deadlines do not have to be fulfilled.

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      As a regulated financial institution Fexco Corporate Payments uses robust client asset procedures to keep your funds protected.

      In October 2016, Fexco Corporate Payments became the first Irish payments provider to achieve the esteemed ISO 27001 Certification.