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    Transparent & secure international bank transfers.

    Unfavourable FX rates and fees charged by high street banks mean you could be losing thousands on the purchase or sale of your overseas property. You also have to watch out for fluctuations in currency markets which could also determine the final price you end up paying for your home. Even a difference of a cent or two in the exchange rate can make a huge difference to the amount of money that the payee receives, especially when you’re dealing in large transfers.

    Our dedicated dealers are on hand to explain the options available to you to manage currency risk and make the most from your currency transfers. Plan your international property purchase with a team of experts who will inform you when the exchange rate moves in your favour, allowing you to save more of your money.

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    Bank beating FX rates & low fees

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    Here's what our clients say...

    “Fexco delivered a superb personalised service. In looking to exchange a significant amount of money to fund a property purchase, I was keen to achieve the best rates possible whilst utilising the time i had before contract exchange. The daily updates, direct “rate watching” service and being able to agree firm order triggers, meant I was able to achieve all that I set out to, thanks to the service that Fexco supplied”

    Graeme Duncan, Personal Client, Essex

    “I use Fexco for regular transfers to families in Kenya, which are executed promptly at the best exchange rate. Since I started using the services of Fexco, I have found it very easy to send money to those families, to help them to provide secondary education for their children. The service is exemplary, with the team always available to explain every detail of my transfer. Simple easy and professional service. Thank you, Tim and staff at Fexco.”

    Fr. Denis J. O’Mahony, Personal Client, Kerry.

    Why use Fexco when buying overseas property?

    Bank beating rates & low fees

    Due to our dealing relationship with international banks, we can access better FX rates for bank transfers normally unavailable to individuals, beating your high street bank. You could be making a saving of up to 4% with Fexco's bank beating rates and lower transfer fees.

    Unrivalled customer support

    Our customer support team is here to resolve any queries you have on any overseas property purchase or sale. No waiting queues or automated systems, just genuine support when you need it.

    Currency risk management

    Adverse currency movements can erode the value of your transaction, so getting the right protection in today’s volatile currency environment is crucial. Our currency risk management expertise means you will always get advice on when and how to move your funds securely and quickly, saving you time and more importantly unnecessary expense.

    Dedicated account management

    Our team of highly experienced foreign exchange experts can maximise your purchasing power when buying overseas property. You will have access to a dedicated account manager who will guide you each step of the process from account setup and quotation to payment initiation and beyond.

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      In October 2016, Fexco Corporate Payments became the first Irish payments provider to achieve the esteemed ISO 27001 Certification.