Agile contact campaigns

Do you need help contacting your customers?

Day to day business can be interrupted with specific challenges, like compliance issues, data adjustments or contract renewals.

Do you have a specific problem that requires customer contact to reach a resolution? Once-off tasks can overwhelm your resources and distract from your core business. Separating this task from critical functions and routine operations allows your business to carry on unimpeded so you can continue to grow.

At Fexco Managed Services, we understand your challenges. We’ve handled over one thousand campaigns with millions of contacts and outstanding results. We can provide skilled capacity, on demand, to manage your current challenge and deliver results beyond your expectations, rapidly.

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    Agile Customer Contact Strategy

    Customised campaigns

    Cost efficient execution

    GDPR compliant reporting

    Skilled communicators

    Delivering fast and effective customer communication

    1. Analyse

    We develop deep insight into the details, requirements, nuances and ultimate aim of your current challenge. We fully understand your struggles, pain points, frustrations and the goals of your customer outreach project.

    2. Design

    Keeping you in charge, we generate ideas for the most efficient, swift and sensible customer contact strategy to address every area of your task.

    3. Implement

    Your customers will enjoy a first-class customer contact experience from a highly skilled team over multiple communication channels. By delivering exceptional customer service, you'll build long-term customer relationships. Your customer contact goal is achieved rapidly, intelligently and efficiently.

    4. Report

    During implementation, track real-time customer feedback. On completion, you receive full records of your customer campaign for future compliance auditing.

    Cost effective campaign execution from beginning to end

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      Omnichannel customer support services


      We have the resources and telephony infrastructure to handle your inbound and outbound call needs. Customer service managed services with Fexco makes sense, as we will act as a full extension to your brand to provide a seamless customer experience.

      Social media

      Customers are spending more and more time on social media, ensuring your business is set up to manage these customer interactions is business critical. If you don't have the resources to do this in-house, we can help with your social media monitoring and management outsourcing needs.


      Our expert customer service team and email software will enable you to reply to thousands of emails every week in a professional, timely and effective manner that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

      Live chat

      Instantly reply to your customer’s queries and requests online in a cost-effective manner through our expert live chat contact centre services.

      Call centre services focused on customer engagement

      Why choose us for your customer contact strategy?

      This customer engagement service delivers success rates in excess of 85%. We go beyond implementation and look for opportunities to enhance your business.

      • No long contracts.
      • No commitment to long-term resources.
      • No investment in technology.

      Customised campaigns live within 5 days

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        Customer contact campaign to update customer databases case study

        Case study 1

        Technology and database renewal

        A financial services market leader urgently needed to upgrade network-wide consumer contracts and payments systems. The customer database was fragmented and outdated. An eight-month campaign gained immediate traction as Fexco Managed Services:

        • provided the necessary expertise, resources, and infrastructure
        • within one month, implemented a flexible outbound call campaign, tailored to match end user needs
        • launched an Appointment Setting Service to manage on-site visits
        • updated 20,000 client records
        • renegotiated contracts which reflected in merchants’ increased productivity of up to 34%.

        The newly refined dataset empowered our client with quick and seamless mobility of their Customer Relationship Management tools for ongoing use.

        Customer contact campaign to update customer records case study

        Case study 2

        Financial regulation compliance

        Our client was concerned about compliance within the highly-regulated financial sector. They needed an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) campaign to update identity documentation and to verify their customer database.
        Over an initial six month campaign, Fexco Managed Services:

        • deployed a contact campaign within 3 weeks, accommodating technological challenges and limited resources
        • made more than 18,000 calls, successfully identifying and verifying over 5,000 profiles
        • handled all documentation securely in-house
        • provided beginning to end management of the customer journey

        We have since partnered with this client on further, successful campaigns.

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