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We provide a full suite of services from front-office customer management services to back-office administration services, with niche experience in areas such as Grant Administration, Energy Support Services, Field Management Services and Regulated Service. 

Fexco has also been delivering Advisory Services to our clients based on our real-life operations experience over the last 30 years. This includes CX Transformation, Process Optimisation, Customer Journey Mapping, Data and MI Services, and function-specific Advisory Services for clients who value our practical advice on improving their customer’s experience.

We pride ourselves in being a flexible partner who brings a relentless focus on doing the right thing for our clients with openness and honesty.

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    Fexco outsourcing services

    Increased customer satisfaction

    Revenue growth

    Driving efficiencies

    Optimum service delivery

    CX transformation

    Today's customers can be difficult to impress. We build intuitive and streamlined user experiences into all of our offerings and ensure that these are aligned to your organisational goals. This results in enhanced CX and an increased NPS and CSAT score.

    Omnichannel delivery

    At Fexco, our understanding of how operational metrics translate into NPS and CSAT scores allows our CC experts to focus their energy and resources in the areas with the greatest impact on the overall customer experience.

    Here's what our clients say...

    “We work extremely well with our business partners Fexco. Combining our strengths has delivered significant benefits for both our customers and our business. The team in the contact centre are totally committed and regularly challenge our thinking on what’s fit for purpose or help us to understand sustainable business processes and the importance of our customers interactions. Our relationship is very strong with honest and open communication – a truly collaborative partnership”

    Bernard Mooney – Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

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      Discover how Fexco's Managed Services can deliver more for you

      Increased customer satisfaction

      As customer care becomes a defining factor in the success of your business, Fexco brings managed services focused on outstanding customer service experience. Informed by customer feedback and service improvement that will develop your business.

      Revenue growth

      Thanks to our diverse portfolio, our experienced staff, our swift mobilisation, and our best practice service design, Fexco offer unparalleled customer care leading to brand loyalty, increased sales, and the rise of brand ambassadors.

      Driving efficiencies

      Fexco is acutely aware of the perils of poorly optimised processes. In-house, we have developed comprehensive analytics tools to ensure the targets set for our clients are met and exceeded.

      Optimum service delivery

      We operate to Today’s tech-savvy customers expect seamless interactions. By providing omnichannel customer service and support, we can communicate effectively to existing or prospective customers. Across multiple platforms in a way that meets and exceeds their expectations.

      Award winning outsourcing services from Fexco

      Award winning managed services

      Rely on Fexco for exceptional managed services. We have years of managed service experience, extensive operational, and technical skills and a loyal and dedicated employee base. Listening to the customer is the main ethos behind all we do.

      That’s why we are an award-winning and market-leading Managed Services provider. We are proud of our Global Customer Contact Association and numerous awards we have won along the way from Best CX Transformation (In-house Technology Solution) in 2018 to Best Customer Service Delivery with Bord Gáis Networks in 2013 to name but a few.

      Innovate and grow your business with Fexco

      Fill in the details below and one of our managed services experts will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.