Omnichannel Delivery

One voice, across all platforms.

Providing today’s customers with a connected and seamless experience across their chosen communication channels. Fexco’s Managed Services integrated system leverages contextual intelligence and data in real time, resulting in an interconnected customer support experience.

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    Providing your customers with an omnichannel experience

    Cost efficient

    Expert knowledge

    Infrastructure & futureproofing

    Scalability & confidence

    Here's what our clients say...

    “We work extremely well with our business partners FEXCO. Combining our strengths has delivered significant benefits for both our customers and our business. The team in the contact centre are totally committed and regularly challenge our thinking on what’s fit for purpose or help us to understand sustainable business processes and the importance of our customers interactions. Our relationship is very strong with honest and open communication – a truly collaborative partnership”

    Bernard Mooney – Customer Care Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

    Omnichannel services

    Busy lifestyles and advances in technologies mean that customers expect a truly omnichannel experience. Our services will help you meet these expectations.

    Digital channels

    The digital landscape is constantly evolving. We can help you to strengthen your online presence and to provide your customers with a truly connected experience. Our services include the management of web chat platforms, email marketing and your company's chosen social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

    Traditional channels

    One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to focus too much on digital and to forget the value of direct human interaction. We can help with non-digital communication channels including white mail support, call centre outsourcing ( both inbound and outbound services), lead generation and marketing support.

    Admin services

    To help you provide a unified customer experience you may need back office support. For example, you may need help updating your CRM database and we can help by providing you with the support and resources you need.

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      Discover the benefits of Fexco's omnichannel delivery

      Cost efficient

      Infrastructure and insight take years to develop. At Fexco Managed Services we offer bespoke solutions that drive increased revenue and reduce costs without compromising service.

      Expert knowledge

      Our award winning teams continue to drive collaborative client relationships and our expertise earned from a diverse client portfolio inform the future direction of your operations.

      Infrastructure & futureproofing

      A modern customer base is fragmented by a preference of communication platform. Whether they prefer to communicate by email, phone, SMS, web chat, social media, or even by mail, we can help. Thanks to robust systems and investment in future technologies, Fexco Outsourcing can communicate with the customer on their terms.

      Scalability & confidence

      We respond to surges in demand in real-time and provide our clients with the confidence of a service designed to be flexible, expansive, and reliable.

      Provide your customers with an integrated & connected experience

      Fill in the details below and one of our omnichannel solutions experts will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.