Omnichannel solution for card payments & alternative payment methods.

For card payment acquirers wishing to offer merchants a superior omnichannel payment experience. OpenConnect represents the next generation payment services which offers card payment acquirers the means to differentiate their offering to the most complex key merchant verticals.

For merchants wishing to consolidate and simplify their global payments solutions. OpenConnect offers a means for merchants to keep pace with the evolving payments and data protection compliance obligations. Openconnect enables merchants to provide a frictionless digital payment experience to their customers.

Provide a frictionless digital payment experience to your customers

    Fexco OpenConnect

    Increased security

    Globally connected

    Next gen technology

    Enhanced consumer experience

    DCC cardholder information

    OpenConnect for cruise

    OpenConnect4Cruise is a secure, robust, open platform that provides acquirers and merchants with omnichannel solutions for card payments. A key component of these solutions is Fexco’s ability to deliver PCI-DSS compliant EMV payment facilities that are securely integrated with the cruise line operators shipboard and reservations systems and their payments Acquirer.

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