Elevate Your Cruise Line Payment Experience With Our Omnichannel Solutions

Cruise operators and guests enjoy seamless Omnichannel payment experiences with OpenConnect, simplifying, securing, and enhancing payments. OpenConnect integrates smoothly with multiple acquirers, ensuring compliance and data security.

Our omnichannel payment platform streamlines payments from reservations to onboard transactions, maintaining strict PCI-DSS compliance. Rely on OpenConnect for secure, compliant, flexible, and efficient payment distribution.

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Guaranteed commission share

Omnichannel Payment Solution

Increased Security

Increased Security

PCI DSS compliant

PCI/ DSS Compliant

Enhanced Customer Experience

Payment Choice

How Fexco OpenConnect works?

How Fexco OpenConnect works?

It’s an omnichannel payment solution that streamlines and secures payments for cruise operators and guests throughout the entire payment journey.

It achieves this through:

  • Ease of Integration: Supporting multiple acquirer integrations and adopting a vendor-agnostic approach.
  • Payment Diversity: Offering a wide range of payment methods, from alternative payment options (APMs) to convenient Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) choices.
  • Transaction Consolidation: Effortlessly consolidating transactions across all channels, spanning from online to shipboard and portside environments.
  • Tokenization for Security: Ensuring the safety of cardholder information through tokenization.
  • PCI DSS Compliance: Strictly adhering to rigorous data security standards to mitigate regulatory risks.

OpenConnect provides cruise operators and guests with a unified payment experience at all stages of your cruise journey, from reservation to disembarkation.

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Smoothly Navigate Payments with OpenConnect


Agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) ensure reliability for both the cruise operator and their guests - reduce operational burdens with OpenConnect.


A robust, fault-tolerant service which is continually industry, card aqcuirer and card scheme compliant.


Cruise operators leverage our wealth of global and industry-specific knowledge, resulting in efficient and effective payment solutions.

Operational Efficiency

Outsourcing payment services to OpenConnect enables cruise operators to focus on their core business, improving efficiency.

Predictable Costs

OpenConnect provides transparent and predictable pricing, eliminating unexpected internal development or IT support costs.

A Single Payment Solution

A single solution which covers all cruise operator's needs consistently across all cruise operator ships and brands.

Multi-Channel Payment Solution for Cruise Operators


  •  Payment transactions conducted remotely by the cardholder online, secured through the OpenConnect Payment Interface.
  • A secure facility for cardholder card pre-registration/tokenization


  • Payment transactions received from cardholders by telephone, secured using OpenConnect integration to secure keypad facilities and tokenisation.


  • Integration to ship property management system software
  • Authorisations and payment transactions including:
    • Pre-Auth /Inc Auth
    • Completion Request
  • OpenConnect web portal / virtual terminal for:
    • Real-time sales
    • Transaction reporting and enquiries


  • Shore-side accounts and admin dept use of OpenConnect web portal / virtual terminal for:
    • Real-time sales
    • Transaction reporting and enquiries

OpenConnect Features

Guaranteed commission share

Omnichannel Payments

Consolidating payments from various channels into a single service that operates according to agreed SLAs and provides cruise line operators with a consistently compliant solution that they can rely on.

PCI DSS compliant

PCI DSS De-Scoping

OpenConnect is PCI DSS-compliant and removes cruise line operator systems, including web and Property Management System environments, from the PCI DSS audit scope

Increased Security


Tokenization provides a mechanism for securing cardholder-sensitive data and enhances security in cruise line operator operational processes


Dynamic Currency Conversion

Provides convenience to cruise guests to pay in their home currency as well as being an additional revenue stream for cruise line operators.


Acquirer Platform Interfaces

OpenConnect is continuously maintained to ensure full compliance with relevant Card Payment Acquirer processing systems, including industry-mandated enhancements, so that cruise line operators don't have to worry about it.

No Operator Integration or Setup Required

Vendor-Agnostic Solution

Our service provision is impartial when it comes to equipment and software vendors in the industry, enabling us to easily collaborate with any relevant third parties required to deliver the most impactful and valuable solutions.

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