From inception to realisation

Understanding the impact of technology on human behaviour to build solutions that resonate.

The goal of the Strategic Business Development division is to discover and execute new paths for growth. Leveraging our people, our capabilities, our relationships and our insights we anticipate what is next for Fexco, our clients and our industries. This division is responsible for the innovation framework that will foster ideas, develop new products and provide a roadmap to new experiences and offerings for customers.

The division encompasses three operational areas; Innovation, Fexco Technology Solutions and Marketing.

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From inception to realisation
From inception to realisation


In the digital age, where the pace of change continues to accelerate, Fexco has adopted a test and learn approach to building new solutions. Research into emerging technology and market trends unlocks insight into human behaviour providing fuel for our process-driven innovation platform.

Build & Support

Fexco Technology Solutions is responsible for the design, build and operation of products for our customers. With over 30 years’ experience in software development, Fexco has created global markets and helped customers grow market share by leveraging our investments in Cloud, DevOps, APIs and automation platforms.


Combining the power of innovative research techniques with a deep understanding of our clients’ industries enables Fexco to develop market and user insights critical to understanding how people engage with one other, with products and with platforms. Our research programmes guide our innovation priorities, enabling us to turn ideas into solutions that resonate.


True collaborators across industry

The Aviation Working Group and Fexco are collaborating on the development and operation of the Global Aircraft Trading System (GATS), a platform for the global aviation sector to reduce the burden on airlines, lessors and financiers in executing and managing aircraft leasing transactions. GATS is a world-first market innovation bringing dramatic benefits to the aviation industry.

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Discovering & executing new paths for growth

Vendor Agnostic Solution


Fexco has a long tradition of collaboration and co-creation with market leaders in asset management, payments solutions, currency exchange, money transfer, managed services and back office administration. Our unique capabilities combined with our agile and opportunistic culture, helps us to create lasting strategic partnerships that improve experience and drive growth.

Generate an additional revenue stream


Fexco is actively engaged in corporate venturing, supporting early-stage companies with financial investment and access to internal and market resources. These investments enhance the organisation by providing new thinking and engagement, broadening horizons for our people and our business in addition to generating financial returns.

Service Excellence Assessment


Fexco works closely with a number of universities and state agencies in the delivery of research projects designed to develop new technology and business models. Most recently, Fexco has established a multi-million Euro research programme, FINTECHNEXT, with University College Cork and Science Foundation Ireland to explore the evolution of financial services and value exchange to identify new growth opportunities.

RDI Hub - A regional project with a global impact

Fexco is the lead partner in a Public Private Partnership venture, creating a new 30,000 sq foot world-class centre in Ireland’s South West to co-locate startups, corporates and academic researchers to build the next wave of innovative companies. A first of its kind, RDI Hub focuses on digitisation, ideation and commercialisation of innovation and research in the fintech and related technologies’ sectors.

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