PACE - Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions

Supporting Carbon Reduction in Aviation

PACE is a platform for analysing carbon emissions. In the aviation sector PACE streamlines the collection of flight data across operators and portfolios and delivers accurate carbon emission data for Scope 3 emissions reporting, future emissions roadmap modeling, and data-enabled investor relations. PACE supports customers in meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring sustainability compliance and building ESG strategies.


PACE - Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions
PACE - Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions
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What is PACE?

What is PACE?

PACE captures daily flight data from all commercial passenger and cargo aircraft globally, aligning with industry-standard fuel burn methodologies to calculate CO2 emissions.

PACE provides deep analysis in carbon intensity metrics that allow customers to meet current emissions reporting requirements and to provide data-enabled insights to develop future carbon reduction strategies. This accurate data empowers aviation stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive sustainable practices and reduce financial risks associated with poor ESG performance.

PACE - Assuring governance

Assuring Governance

PACE assures governance by ensuring that your carbon emissions reporting aligns with industry standards and meets your corporate governance criteria. It serves as a vital component of your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy, providing accurate and reliable data-driven insights.

This empowers your company to maintain transparency, compliance, and accountability in carbon emissions reporting, safeguarding your corporate reputation and reinforcing your commitment to sustainable practices and responsible governance

PACE - Unlocking opportunity

Unlocking Opportunity

Unlocking sustainable business growth is made possible by harnessing carbon insights from PACE. Make informed data driven decisions shape your business strategy. By identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency.

PACE empowers aviation stakeholders to make informed decisions that not only reduce your carbon footprint but also strengthen your competitive edge and financial performance. 

Unlock Your Sustainable Aviation Future with PACE

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