Platform for Analysing Carbon Emissions (PACE)

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Measuring Carbon to Manage Risk

PACE is the new benchmark for analysing actual and predicted CO2 emissions. Starting in the Aviation sector, Fexco has partnered with Avocet to automatically compile actual flight data for a portfolio or fleet, blended with airline operator data and industry standard methods to provide consistent, comparable and reliable information for aircraft portfolio modelling, investor relations and regulatory reporting requirements.

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What is PACE?

PACE is a platform solution initially for the aviation finance industry, which provides accurate carbon emissions analysis for aircraft financiers and owners to measure and forecast emissions from their assets and provide TCFD ‘reporting as a service’ by automatically tracking flight activity and calculating historic and forecasted CO2 output. 

Consistent Comparisons

By calculating CO2 per using industry standards and metrics, PACE enables consistent comparisons between aircraft of the same type across different operators or routes, different aircraft models, or comparative analyses between different aircraft operators.

Identify Credit Risk

The aviation industry is facing an increasing amount of climate change compliance and emission regulation such as a revised EU ETS, a newly established UK ETS and CORSIA. PACE automatically analyses carbon emissions at ETS scheme level and calculates overall credit risk exposure at portfolio level as well as aircraft operator fleet lien exposures.

About Avocet

Avocet Risk Management was established in 2011 to provide ESG compliance services to aircraft owners and aircraft operators.  Through its collaborative work with emissions regulators and carbon markets, Avocet has developed an unparalleled expertise in aviation emissions trading schemes including EU ETS, UK ETS and CORSIA.  

 Today, Avocet is assisting various stakeholders with their requirement to analyse, measure and manage emissions risks, as well as carbon footprint quantification and presentation for newly mandated reporting requirements.  Evolving ‘green’ regulations are creating opportunities for banks, aircraft lessors and investors to provide sustainability linked and transition linked finance and leasing structures.  Aviation ESG structures require a blending of aircraft finance, risk management and emissions verification skills. 

Calculating carbon emissions is just one step in the process of aligning sustainability linked transactions with science-based targets and KPIs.  Accuracy, reliability and transparency are equally important requirements for creating ESG structures.  Sustainable finance also requires knowledge, creativity and collaboration.  All of these attributes and skillsets are deeply embedded within Avocet’s capabilities.

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