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The easiest way to shop tax free in Ireland

Since its establishment in 1986, Fexco Tax Free is the longest operating tax refund company in Ireland with the knowledge and experience to guide and advise visitors through the process of obtaining their tax back each time they shop in Ireland.

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    Fexco tax free shopping

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    What is Fexco tax free

    What is Tax Free Shopping?

    In Ireland, Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax is added to all price tags displayed. Fexco Tax Free and the Fexco HORIZON card allow non-EU visitors to save time and money on the up front processing of their VAT/sales tax claims.

    The Fexco HORIZON card records details of each purchase so that no paper is required. Visitors can shop Tax Free in Ireland in affiliated stores displaying the Fexco Tax Free logo. Multilingual kiosk facilities are available in the departure areas of Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airport giving visitors easy access to process their refunds before departing Ireland.

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    Benefits of Fexco Tax Free Shopping to your customers

    Great Savings

    Tourists can claim sales tax (VAT) back on purchases made in all affiliated stores. Cardholders also benefit from great discounts and offers.

    Eliminates paperwork

    The HORIZON Card records details of each purchase – you don’t need to keep receipts and have more time to shop.


    Register, swipe, and claim. As you shop just swipe the card and all your purchases are saved automatically. It couldn’t be easier.

    Premium Customer Service

    Multiple language kiosk facilities available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Dublin, Shannon and Cork airports.

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